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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Nutritional | 0 comments

Nutrition & Energy

NutritionWe are all so busy – in our work life, our family life, our social life… Do you ever feel like you might just forget to breathe…?

If you are somebody who writes long lists each morning of all the tasks that you need to complete – you will require energy levels that are bursting at the seams in order to achieve that deeply satisfying final tick!

We all know that our food is our fuel and therefore keeps us going. But did you know that your nutrition choices may in fact be sapping you of vital drops of energy?

Here is a typically stressed gal-about-town’s day on a plate:

Leaves house still applying mascara in compact mirror, with an empty growling tummy, or if lucky – a grabbed-on-the-go slice of toast which is competing for hand-clutch-space with a large skinny latte. Lunch is a wilting sandwich or salad ordered from the take-out place next door, or maybe just an apple and chocolate bar wolfed down in between meetings… By the time dinner comes around, gal-about-town is now gal-trying-to-peel-self-off-floor. Hunger is drumming inside her tummy and demanding bites of carb-rich, sugary treats… ‘Oooh and why not finish off that bottle of Pinot chilling in the fridge to ease away the worries of the day?!’

How do you think gal-about-town will feel when the alarm shrills at her at 6am the next morning? As fresh as a daisy or wilting like a weed?


Here’s how gal-about-town might manage to conduct her day if she had a Food Fairy online nutritional consultation…

Leaves house with a tummy full of crummy, perfectly balanced breakfast which has been enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table whilst reading the morning papers, and washed down with a peppermint tea. Power walks to work, catches reflection in a passing window and admires freshly washed and styled hair and immaculately applied make-up! Having breezed through morning at work and encountered all stressful hurdles with poise, gal’ excitedly unwraps her alluring lunch designed for her unique nutritional requirements by the Food Fairy nutritionists. By the time she has floated home for the evening, gal is still energized enough to put together some delicious ingredients for a dashing dinner date and change into her favorite ‘flirt-skirt’ and heels. As she lights some candles and blots her lip gloss, gal’ considers how terribly productive she has become since she landed on the Food Fairy’s website all those weeks ago! Not to mention the flatter stomach, brighter complexion and sudden discovery of all those extra hours in the day that used to be spent snoozing under her desk at work…

Interested in our gal’s life transformation? A Food Fairy nutritional consultation may be for you…

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