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Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in Diet Tips | 0 comments

Simple Easy Diet Tips

Simple Easy Diet Tips

Going on a diet can feel like such a drab idea. You feel like dieting is going to take away all your loved foods and joy from eating don’t you? I want to give you some simple easy diet tips to help you get past the hump of dieting to where you can feel comfortable about the idea.

  • If you’re going to succumb to the fast food restaurant don’t super size anything, or get a large. Look for mustard as the condiment of choice, which is going to be your best bet for low calories.
  • Eat fruit or drink fruit juice made with 100% fruit juice. Don’t assume because the label says fruit juice that you’re drinking a healthy fruit juice. Read the nutrition label to verify you are drinking 100% fruit juice without any added sugars. Otherwise just eat fruit.
  • If you’re attending a party where the choice of serving food is through a buffet line, avoid the buffet line and table all together. If you stand close to the table you’re going to be incredibly tempted to eat, and eat, and eat.
  • Avoid late night snacking by closing your kitchen at 7:30-8:00 every night. Eat your dinner, clean up the kitchen, and don’t go back in until the morning for breakfast.
  • Drink plenty of water. Drink between 7-9 8oz glasses of water every day. Water is good for you and will help flush your system out naturally.
  • Stock your refrigerator with veggies and fruits. When you’re craving a snack you will be reaching for an apple or pepper. Keep some peppers cut up in the fridge for easy snacking. Try to avoid the processed high in saturated fat snacks.
  • Don’t skip meals. This might seem like a good way to cut calories on the surface but in reality cutting a meal is going to pack more pounds on in the long run. Eat every meal. Make breakfast and lunch your higher calorie meals so you can process the food over the course of the day and work off at the gym too. Dinner should be light, but don’t make dinner so light you’re skipping the meal.
  • Watch your portion sizes. We tend to eat much too large of portions for our health. If you go out to eat, when the waiter brings you your meal ask them for a “to go” box. Take ½ of your dinner and put it in your to go box. Restaurants tend to serve 2-4x’s the portion sized recommended to eat.
  • Don’t be too strict on yourself. Still allow yourself to snack on that one treat you love the most, in moderation of course. Don’t go overboard with five chocolate bars because you love chocolate. Have a small piece or two. The bite sized ones are perfect for this.
  • Eat natural foods and try to get away from processed foods. Processed foods have more sodium and other unhealthy ingredients that aren’t going to help your simple easy diet.

These simple easy diet tips are not meant to make your diet quest harder, just a simple easier way to diet.

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