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Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in Fitness | 0 comments

Summer Time Fitness Tips

Summer Time Fitness Tips

Being fit for the summer is a goal of many people. When you think about putting that bathing suit on to hit the pool side or the beach you want to make sure you’re looking your best. You’re going to want to start exercising now if you haven’t already. Not only do you want to look good in a bathing suit this summer, but you want to have a healthy body as well. Here are some summer time fitness tips to help you get you on your way to best summer body you can have.

  1. The best abdominal exercise you can do is push yourself away from the dinner table!
  2. Keep a nutrition journal to keep track of your eating habits.
  3. Start with ONE GOAL and stick to it. For example, don’t have a goal to lose 10 pounds and to be running 10 miles by mid-summer. Keep your goals down to one, once you’ve accomplished that one goal move onto the next goal.
  4. Always look for ways to stay active while doing something that is fun for you. We like to go play softball with our kids on the weekend, what do you and your family like to do?
  5. It takes more energy to be positive than negative, be optimistic than to be pessimistic. Choose to consciously be optimistic and positive and you will attract more good things in life to you.
  6. A dehydrated body cannot effectively burn fat. Women should aim for half a gallon of water every day. Men should aim for a gallon of water a day. You will also feel better when you’re drinking enough water every day.
  7. Intensity = results. If you’re not pushing yourself, you will not see results. You will know when you’re pushing yourself and when you’re letting yourself slide by on just the bare minimum of exercise.
  8. When eating out, ask the waiter to fill up your plate with two servings of veggies rather than the mandatory carb (like potatoes, breads, etc) that usually comes along with your meal. Unless you’re out to eat on your cheat day, then you can have those carbs.
  9. Write down goals for yourself. Don’t type them. Write them. Make sure those goals are so out of this world that everyone will be looking at you like you are crazy. Shoot for the stars and you’ll end up on the moon. Then again your goals don’t all have to be crazy and out of this world, but you really do need to write down your summer time fitness goals.
  10. Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is going to help keep your skin from getting burned. You want to wear this to help with keeping yourself healthy this summer.
  11. Dress appropriately. When you’re exercising outside in the summer make sure your clothing are light colored and light weight.
  12. Get up early or go out late. This might be the most important summer time fitness tip for you. Make sure when working out you are either doing so early before the day heats up or late after the sun goes down.


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