Berries are known for their higher level of antioxidants, vitamins and helping fatty acids that boost up your body system to fight with free radicals and keep you energetic at the same time. To get these natural contents in your routine I am sharing with you few most delicious and popular Berry Smoothie Recipes to add one more substantial health promoter in your diet.

Let’s starts with some of the favorite chocolate flavor as “Chocolate Covered Blueberry Smoothie” –

Just take one cup of skim milk, one cup of frozen blueberries, one-ounce instant hot chocolate mix and one tablespoon chocolate syrup to make a summer night snack.

To make this healthy and beneficial for you skin as well, just take a blender and drop berries, milk, and chocolate mix with chocolate syrup and blend it according to the taste what you want to have and just take a sip of chocolate Blueberry Smoothie.

Now just control yourself while making of “Mixed Berry Smoothie” –

It needs 150 grams strawberries, hulled roughly chopped, � cup fresh or frozen raspberries, 2/3 of vanilla yogurt, half cup of milk, one tablespoon maple syrup and few ice cubes as you want to cool your drink.

There is one more process similar to previous berry smoothies recipe, start with filled blender with all the ingredients what I suggested upside and blend until this delicious berry smoothie recipe got frothy. Now break the wait cubes and serve it to the thirsty lips to sip.

There are so many options of luscious berry smoothie recipes here to share that can make easily by adding some more ingredients into the blender like orange, pineapple juice with blueberries added with strawberries and sliced bananas as ornament of yummy glasses.

For another recipe you can add rice milk, frozen peach slices, banana and half cup of yogurt with fruit Blueberry syrup to make a kid’s loving Penny’s smoothie, of course it also can be made by blender.

Whatever you like to have with berry as in berry smoothie recipe; everything will be helpful to boost up your energy level, good maintainer of aging factors and sometimes you can take them as a healthy diet while you intended to lose your weight as well.


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