Organic wellness and health is the use of preferable organic products as food and herbal remedy in most of the cases. Organic products are produced without the use of pesticides and fertilizers that contains inorganic chemicals. Organic wellness and health also encourage the use of products that have not been produced through the Genetically Modified Production process. The use of organic products to promote health and wellness does not only promote human healthy living but also sustain the favorable environmental conditions.

The following shows the supportive facts of the use of organic products and herbal remedies that promote healthy living and wellness.

Improved taste

Organic food are fresher because it are directly acquired from the farm and used immediately unlike the food that have processed and processed using chemicals that may have side effects to human health. When food is also processed, some of important nutrients are destroyed thus the user cannot get the intended nutrients which is very essential to human growth and development. Food preserved with chemicals can cause disease to human beings if preservation time is exceeded.

Plant medicinal value is preserved and the body immune system is increased

Some of the plants when used naturally without being processed have a medicinal value. The use of Rosemary plant has a medicinal value as it reduce the cancer thus it is an herbal remedy. The plant leaves can be crushed and the powdered is added to the food or in other cases its leaves can be used as a flavor in beverages. Turmeric is used as a food spice and reduces the arthritis in human bodies.

Reduces environmental pollution

Inorganic fertilizers used in farming pollute the environment. Pesticides when exposed to water bodies affect the live of aquatic animals such as fish and also aerosol spray causes air pollution.

It is advisable that people should impress the use of organic products to promote herbal remedy as discussed above.


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