What comes to mind when we mention ‘Healthy Eating’? Most people quickly envisage strict diets, extreme and unrealistic thinness or avoiding particular types of food you have grown to love and much more. We quickly throw those ideas into the dustbin but we won’t leave you high and dry either. We are all about you feeling energetic, looking great and generally having a stable mood. Healthy eating Its a simple as that, really, but first things first.

A few tips will help you sift through all the hullabaloo about this type of food being good and not this particular one. All you need to understand is that you should assemble a diet that is healthy and good both for the body and the mind. It may interest you to note that when you eat healthy, you affect both your mental and your emotional health. Studies link health conditions such as depression with ingesting a lot of red meats, meals that have a lot of sugar and those that have been packaged and so on. This is a word of caution to those with a sweet tooth always munching something extremely sweet or sugary. Additional health conditions include stress and anxiety. Suicidal tendencies in the young are also attributable to such eating habits.

The idea, generally is for you to eat more healthy home cooked meals, reduce sugar and fat intake and help yourself to more vegetables. You will do well with lots of fruits as well. If this advice is ignored, trust me, you run a high risk of becoming a mental case and you might scare many away due to your constant mood swings. All is not lost though. If you are already having issues with your health especially mental, try changing your diet and start eating appropriately. You will most certainly improve on that front.

As mentioned earlier,make a habit of cooking at home more often, eliminate foods that are unhealthy from your diet, have a colorful diet and add a touch of freshness. Include variety too. Make sure that you know what the manufacturers put in your food and for God’s sake drink a lot of water! Lastly, eat moderately small portions, be in the company of others as you eat and avoid eating until you drop dead! When satisfied, leave the other food for a later time or just serve what you can finish.

You might want to consider nourishing your body with organic foods that are chemical free. The good news is that avoiding toxins takes care of both the environment and yourself. Now that is being thoughtful and considerate, is it not?


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