Do you find yourself believing in all the hype that you need leg exercise machines to develop slender, well-toned legs that you want to show off? Unfortunately, many folks that have had the wool pulled over their eyes believe you can not get great results with your efforts to achieve an awesome lower body without paying a fortune for leg exercise machines.

Truth is…this old myth is wrong. You do not need state of the art expensive fitness equipment to shape your legs, tone up your rear end, or whittle away your bulging thighs. Far from it!

The Benefit of Using Your Own Body Weight Instead of Leg Exercise Machines!

You may not like the number that you see on the scale (but that’s a whole other story for another article), but you can use your body weight to your benefit.

You see, when you lift barbells and dumbbells you can make great improvements to your lower body, but you have to be careful with leg exercise machines that you do not apply too much weight or resistance to the machines when training this area of the body if you’re intention is to reduce your legs, butt, and thighs.

You want well-toned, beautiful legs but you do not want to increase the size of your hips and rear end. There needs to be a balance and that can be achieved when you utilize exercises that make use of your own body weight.

When you work out using your own bodyweight you can do it anywhere your life happens to carry you. And even better… you never have to rip out the wallet for bodyweight exercises like you do for leg exercise machines.

The Silent Rip Off

Talk to someone who loves their expensive gym membership and their exclusive private personal trainer, and they will tell you all about the fancy equipment that they are getting such great results from using, including leg exercise machines.

Guess what? It is not the leg exercise machines per se that that is creating their new body shape. It is the resistance, that is challenging the muscles, that is stimulating new results.

You would think from talking to these people that the only way to get great results is to commit the next year of your life to a cream of the crop fitness centre. Most folk cannot afford to be forking out mountains of cash each month. Then often fall victim to cheap fad leg exercise machine replicas that they can use in their homes.

This is a rip off that has been going on for years. It is true that you could get great results if you used leg exercise machines consistently, under the care of a customize program by a certified trainer, but what many so-called fitness industry professionals will not tell you is that you could get the same results by performing exercises that make use of your own body weight andthe floor.

You simply do not need to have access to leg exercise machines to burn off fat and strengthen your lower body. There are many exercises that can be done on your own in much less time and they will deliver great results.

What About Genetics?

Yes, you may look in the mirror and see your mother’s thunder thighs or bubble butt right now, but that does not mean you have to throw the towel in and be unhappy with your lower body. You can overcome genetics by working out consistently and you do not need leg exercise machines.

If you want to overcome the influence of your genes so you look better in your skinny jeans (excuse the pun) you have to workout on a consistent basis, perform the right types of exercises, and be as conscientious as possible about what you put into your mouth. With a bit of work and dedication you can look in the mirror and see your own well shaped rear end or tight, well toned thighs.


This is what it really takes to reshape, strengthen, and tone your lower body consistency. Work with exercises that are designed to give the results you are looking for. Incorporate them, and variations of them, into your lower body workout. Keep at it! None of this, I tried it for two weeks and it did not work. Pick up your game. If you quit you’ll never get the chance to see for yourself what you can achieve with your lower body. And that is how you go from flabby and dimply to toned and tight without wasting money on leg exercise machines.


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